About Us

12-Bar Blue Pickups is a family-owned and operated business based on the East Coast of the USA. We’ve been playing, building and customizing guitars for nearly 40 years, starting with Dad’s Alvarez and the toy guitar he painted black with flames for the kids. Then there was the custom bodied Jackson high school project with long-haired head banging Metallica fan, Jon.  Looking for a way to install a pickup on a cigar box guitar without cutting a big hole in the face of the instrument, Marshall decided to make his own, one that could slip under the strings.  He kinda went over the deep end.  100 prototypes later, 12-Bar Blues Pickups was born.  Our pickups are now used by artists and builders around the world.
We specialize in pickups designed for 6 and 12 string guitars, resonator guitars and cigar box guitars. 12-Bar Blues Pickups are known for their rich, complex harmonics of multidimensional tone that is always full and clear. We build the lowest profile pickups in the world (as thin as 2mm) so they can easily slide under the strings of various instruments. We handcraft each pickup to assure the highest possible quality, from our workshop to your beloved instruments. 

Marshall & Jon Hammett